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E-book Mom on the Run

$ 40

Mom on the Run is a four (4) week training plan which includes 23 exercise routines each lasting less than 1 hour. You will also find tips to help you sculpt your body along your journey. Mom on the Run focuses mostly on lower body using Strength Training, HIT, Cardio and Bodyweight.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Duration: Four (4) week plan

Format: Digital Download. Available thru the website only.

"Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to guide your exercise training program for the next couple of weeks. As an active mom and personal trainer, I know how hard it is for many women to find the time to work out. Time management will be your best ally, so make an appointment with your workout and stick to it! Most of my workouts are less than 1 hour, so they are easy to fit into our busy schedules. Have fun!"  Erika


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